I’m Concerned

I am a professional worrier.  I know it.  I claim it.

I am worried for the people in Florida as Hurricane Irma bears down.

Why should I worry, you ask?  After all, didn’t people evacuate already?  There should be no need to worry, right?

Well, yes.  People did evacuate.  The vast majority of the people on the east coast of Florida followed the evacuation orders.  The problems is that a huge number of people stayed put on Florida’s west coast.  And Irma changed its track last night.  It has veered and is now heading into the Gulf and will be approaching Florida from the west side.  St. Petersburg and Tampa are now preparing for a hurricane the likes of which they haven’t seen in almost 100 years.

And those people have very little time to evacuate.

So, I am praying that the people who need to can get out of harm’s way in time.  I pray that damage is manageable and that the death toll is very low.

Stay safe, Florida.  I’m concerned about you!

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