We Are A Pilgrim People

We often proclaim that we are a pilgrim people.  Heck, we even have a song that begins with the words, “We are a pilgrim people…”  This weekend, we proved it.

We pilgrims moved from our church building to our school gym due to the renovations taking place at our parish.  For the month of September, we pilgrims are going to be out of our church and worshiping in the gym.  I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about the move.  But, all in all, it went smoothly.

As I expected, a number of parishioners were not present this weekend and probably will not be the next few weekends.  They are opting — at least, I hope that they are opting — to go to area churches so that they can worship in “real” church buildings.  That’s okay.  Some may need to do so for their comfort.  Others may just feel out of place if they are not in a church.  I just hope that they are return right away for our Masses in October when we are “back home” in our church building.

All I can say is, “One weekend down.  Three weekends to go…”  🙂

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