A Lot Of Money!

Yowzers!  I know how expensive eyeglasses are which is why I am so grateful that my prescription doesn’t change as often as it used to.  The last time my prescription changed was in 2011.  This afternoon, I went to the optician to order a new pair of glasses.  A little over $850!

Granted, my eyes are extremely bad (I am very nearsighted) so the lenses are much more specialized than a “typical” pair.  Granted that they would be so thick if they were glass that I have to have the specially compressed lenses.  Granted that they are progressive, invisible line trifocals.  Granted that they are transition lenses that darken when going out into the light.  Granted that the lenses have a “blue” coating to them to negate the glare of the computer screen.

Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  I get it.  With all of that, I have to expect to pay a bit more than a typical pair of glasses!

The good news is that my eyes have actually improved since my last refracting.  The new lenses will be a lesser prescription than the previous ones.  That will cause a bit of an adjustment period but still, all in all, something to celebrate.

They should be in within seven to ten days.  I’m really hoping for the seven since I would like to take them to Indianapolis with me next week when I go for the annual Knights of the Holy Sepulchre conference.

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