Madder Than Wet Hens

I’ve always liked that phrase.  Madder than wet hens.  What a visual image that evokes!

I imagine, however, that some cruisers are madder than wet hens, though.  You know, it’s a big deal for die hard cruisers to sail on maiden voyages.  Cruise lines usually inflate the price for those cruises as well.

Next spring, Royal Caribbean premieres its newest ship, Symphony of the Seas.  People have been positioned for the end-of-April maiden voyage for over a year.

Now, they are ticked, madder than wet hens.  Why?  Well, because the ship is now planned to be delivered a full month early and there will be a few sailings before its originally scheduled maiden voyage.

I don’t care about that.  I’m not a maiden voyage person.  As long as all the kinks and wrinkles are worked out of it by the time I board at the end of October 2018 to bring the ship from Barcelona to Miami, I am fine.  But, for those who had booked maiden voyages, I feel for them.

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