Yay. I’m Getting Better.

Here’s the news! Last night, I began coughing like mad. Everything in my sinuses was draining and all the gunk in my chest let loose.

As I was coughing, I realized that my gum line was not hurting anymore. The pressure was over.

While that sank in, I realized I was wet. Yeah. I had sweat really bad but that was when my fever broke. 98.8 at midnight and 99 at 4:00 a.m. Much better than the 100’s! No more fever headache.

I’m took it easy today; but, I wanted to let you know I’m -finally- on the mend! I am going in tomorrow for morning Mass and a funeral and then take it easy again throughout the remainder of the day.  I want to be “up and fresh” for First Confessions on Saturday.

Thanks for all the kind words and deeds these past few days.  You’re all wonderful people!