Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I do believe it was Forrest Gump that coined that phrase.

The Tide Pod Challenge proved to me that there are some incredibly stupid people in this world who would do anything if they someone dared them. I didn’t think there could be anything dumber than the Tide Pod Challenge. I admit to the world that I was wrong.

Move over Tide Pods. Bring on the condoms.

Can you believe the stupidity? Condom Snorting Challenge?! The goal is to snort a condom up your nose and fish it out of your mouth. As the Tide Pod Challenge poisoned many people, the condom snorting has also endangered the lives of many teens. Some of them snorted the condoms far enough down their airways to block the flow of air yet not far enough down to be able to fish out through the mouth. If someone does not help immediately, they could die from lack of oxygen.

Then again, there are others who risk an allergic reaction from the latex that they are snorting.

Condom Snorting. You know what, I am not even going to ask, “What’s next?” because I am afraid someone will come up with something even dumber — and more dangerous.


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