Lionel Ritchie Was On Board!

Ha.  Fooled you. Not really. However, we did have a great entertainer this evening: “The Lionel Ritchie Experience with Derek Floyd.”

Derek came out into the theatre about fifteen minutes before showtime and shook our hands and told us that we were going to have a great time tonight because he was really good. I have to be honest — I have never had anyone do that before. I thought to myself, “We’ll see”.

Well, see we did! He really IS good. He had a great life story as well.

Tomorrow we arrive at Key West in the morning and, before we can do anything else, we have to go through immigration/passport control. I get to go early because I am on a shore excursion. They will be checking me in at 9:15 instead of 11:00 a.m. No one can leave the ship until their Sea Pass card is punched by immigration control.

Tomorrow evening is the final production number by the singers and dancers on board. I am looking forward to their show!

Here’s a little from tonight’s entertainer that I found on YouTube:

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