Things That Center Me

I actually took the opportunity to go on my day off today. I went to my condo in Michigan City and, as soon as I got here, was glad that I did. I heard water running. It appeared to be running in the unit below me.

I went downstairs and knocked on the door. No answer. The other two occupants in our building have been on vacation, so no one was around.

I called the representative for our set of condos and told her about the sound of water. I could only imagine what was being destroyed in there (remembering my own wiped out condo when a water pipe broke in the attic and brought down my ceiling one year). The rep called a board member and that board member contacted the owner who appeared a couple of hours later.

When he went into his unit, I could hear him utter an expression but, at the same time, did not hear anything else except for the sound of water stopping. I asked if everything was all right. He told me that he had not been here in 25 days and that, the day he left, he had flushed the toilet and then locked up the unit. Well, the toilet flap did not close all the way and the water was running for all that time.

Thankfully for him, it was running right down the toilet’s drain so no water got into his unit. Now, I have his phone number in case anything happens like that again and I need to contact him directly.

Speaking of water, here is a water picture in my condo that I often gaze at. I find that it really centers me. I was looking at it a lot today hoping for some seasonal weather where I will be able to enjoy the outdoors again. I purchased the painting at Griffith’s “Park Full of Art” one summer a long time ago. I believe it was three years before I as ordained so it would be 38 years already since I have had this painting.

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