An Early Christmas Gift

I got what I would call an early Christmas gift this morning.  About a week ago, my tongue said to me, “Hey, your tooth feels different.  I think something fell off over here.”  Whenever my tongue would run over the back of my lower front tooth, it felt rough.  That tooth had a bonding on it from an earlier time when part of the back of the tooth fell off.  The bonding let go several years ago and they had to redo it.  It is such a narrow area that I was sure that it fell off again.

So, that day, I called the dentist’s office and they scheduled an appointment for me for this morning to get the tooth taken care of.  Well, what to the doc’s wondering eyes should appear not a sloughed off bonding but, instead, a “chip”.  Either the upper part of the bonding or a piece of the tooth itself chipped away and fell off leaving just enough of a rough surface for my tongue to feel something wrong.

Instead of having to get another bonding, the dentist was able to use a couple of grinders and polishers to smooth out the area and restore things back to “normal”.  My tongue says that everything is fine again.  It was quick, easy, and a Christmas gift at no charge.  Gotta love those kinds of appointments! 🙂

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