Second To Last Day

Today was a “last day” of sorts for our students.  As Christmas approaches, they are getting more and more antsy about their upcoming vacation.  Well, today was the last day of in-school classes and they are as hyped as can be.  Tomorrow, they will have an e-learning day.  They will be logging in at home and doing assigned work while the teachers spend all of tomorrow on in-services.

Tomorrow, the teachers will complete three different state-required in-services.  Between each of their sessions, they will go on line and monitor the progress of their students.  It will be a busy day for them but, with e-learning days, at least the students will not have to make the days up at the end of the school year.  And, with some practice under their belts, we will be ready for any weather-related e-learning days this winter.  (That is, if we ever have a winter. 🙂 )

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