Try To Know The Entire Story

I’m getting tired, very tired, of people jumping to conclusions and running full tilt against things that are not even real.  How many times, recently, have we seen “news stories” that are refuted later in the day?  We become moved by what we see without asking ourselves the question, “Is this the entire story?”  If we asked that question, we might find out we are being fed a line of bull.

Case in point, the story about some high school students, Catholic high school students, the media emphasized, who blatantly disrespected a Native American who was also a Vietnam Vet.  Ouch.  That gets you on two points: cultural insensitivity as well as disrespect to our veterans.  It also feeds an anti-religion and, more specifically, anti-Catholic bias.

Turns out, when watching the full video, the person who was supposedly getting disrespected by the students was the one who walked into their group with his chant.  The students did not approach him.  He approached them.

But, the initial video about the high school students showed just a portion of the film.  The portion that the media wanted people to see so that they could get everyone riled and promote their own agenda.

We have got to stop jumping to conclusions and accepted the “evidence” given to us without checking to make sure there is not more to the story.  We have to quit jumping on bandwagons without knowing the truth of the matter.  We have to grow up, as a people, as a society, as a nation, and as a world.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m done.  I’ve said my piece.

2 Replies to “Try To Know The Entire Story”

  1. I agree! The latest “news” explained the difference, and even showed a ‘different view’. The news media only wants “sensationalism”. But when “caught”, they clear it up. Pat Kish

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