Record Cold Coming!

The forecast is looking really scary.  They are talking possible record cold early next week.  Certainly colder than anything that we have had at this time of the year in a long time.

You know what that means, right?  Drive smart.  When you have to go anywhere by car, make sure that you have enough on and carry something extra in the car in case you break down.  Keep as much of your skin covered as possible as frostbite can happen in very short times.  For those of you who heat your homes additionally with fireplaces, make sure that your chimneys are clean and clear.  You do not want to have a chimney fire.

Make a point to know where homeless shelters are located in your area so that, if you see someone struggling outside without shelter, you can direct them (or even take them) to a place that will care for them.

Just as when it is excessively hot outside, try to do wellness checks on elderly relatives or elderly neighbors.  There are times that their heat goes out and they can end up in trouble.

Bundle up.  Be charitable.  Be loving.  Take good care of yourselves . . . and of others!


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