Autism Awareness Month

Gone are the days where people are called stupid, weird, or other derogatory names simply because they appear to be different.  There are a whole host of people who have different conditions that make them stand out from what we call the norm.  However, they can and do contribute to our society and our world in many wonderful ways.

This month, we remember one of those groups as we observe Autism Awareness Month.  People who are autistic have a whole spectrum of behaviors that they exhibit, some very docile, some agitated, and some aggressive.  Understanding can help them to feel safer in their environment and mitigate many of the behaviors that are concerning to some people.

Remember, people who have autism are, first and foremost, people.  They’re not “autistic”, they’re people.  Give them the respect that is their due and be supportive to their family and friends if and when you are able.