Deer + Headlights = Boom

I’ve got that deer in headlights thing going on.  I’m frozen in place as the vehicle (Easter) races towards me.  I know it’s going to be an ugly collision!

How in God’s green earth did it get to be April already?!  Easter is three weeks from this past Sunday.  The Triduum (the three holiest days of the Christian calendar) begins two weeks from Thursday.  And, for all practical purposes, I am woefully unprepared.

Oh, I know, it will happen.  We will do our thing.  We will get through it.  But, from a personal point of view, my head just isn’t into it right now.  I’m beginning to do a slow panic.

If anyone knows of a magic potion that can slow time down just a little bit, I would be willing to pay top dollar for it! 🙂