Sometimes, “Same” Is Good

We don’t always want to be the same, do we?  We often look for things to be “different”, “shaken up”, “kicked up a notch”, or “new and improved”.  There are times, however, that I am more than happy to settle for “same”.  This afternoon was one of those times.

This is as close to the phone conversation as I can remember it:  “Hello, Father.  This is the pacemaker department calling.  You transmitted last night.  Everything looked fine.  You have two years left on your battery.  Your leads are stable.  Your fluid level was normal.  You didn’t have any arrhythmias.  You know, the same as always.”  As she said that, she chuckled.  She likes to give patients good news and I certainly like hearing good news.

So, the status of my heart is still the same.  My pacemaker/defibrillator is still working well.  Leads are stable.  And, most important, I can plan a cruise in the two year window as I still have two good years of battery life left.

Yes.  Life is good.  🙂