Friday The 13th

Yep.  It was a frightening day.  I went to Chicago this morning to the religious article store that also makes vestments.  I was hoping to have them take in a cassock that they made for me nine years ago.  I was 70 pounds heavier then (and three inches taller).  Well, he said that they would have to cut out so much of the material that it would just not fit right.  In other words, I would need to buy a new cassock.

And with it, a Roman sash (because you have to wear one in Rome when you wear the cassock) and a half cape, and a biretta, and a “fancy” surplice.  All in all, the toll is going to be around $1,400.  Sheesh.  Friday the 13th horror to my pocketbook.  😮

It is supposed to be finished in a month or so and they will call me in for a final fitting to make sure that everything is “just right” for when I meet with the pope in December.

The trip better be worth all of this!  🙂