Happy And Sad

Today, I decided that I was going to go on a walking day since it was so beautiful out.  I went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios first.

The park had only opened about a half hour before I got there and the queue lines were already very long and the boarding passes for the virtual queue for the Rise of the Resistance had all been allotted for the day.  Bummer.

As at Magic Kingdom, the Christmas decorations were still up at the Studios.  EPCOT’s and the Animal Kingdom’s were all taken down already but Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios were still up.

Sometimes, when you call someone a “beast”, that person really is! 🙂

After tooling through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, my intention was to exit the park, board the skyliner, and go to EPCOT.  I aborted that mission when I left the park, though, because a taxi was present at the taxi stand out front.  So, instead of EPCOT, I went walking through Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney, formerly Pleasure Island).  I really like the topiary fountain at the entrance to Disney’s Marketplace.

I could just imagine Curley saying, “Hey, Moe!  A store for people who pout! nyuck, nyuck, nyuck”

I have always loved the Lego sea serpent at Disney Springs!

The buses have been given new wraps.  This is the one that took me back to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas.

After I got back from Disney Springs, I received a phone call from one of the priests back home to inform me about Msgr. Morales.  Msgr. John Morales was the chancellor of the diocese under Bishop Grutka.  He has been retired for several years and living out in California.  He is planning on “coming home” to the diocese but, before doing so, wanted to finish up on a health issue and have surgery done.  The surgery was two days ago and, I understand, went amazing smoothly and well.  However, yesterday, he suffered a major heart attack and is presently in critical condition.  We won’t know more for several days.  Kindly keep him in your prayers.

In the evening, Fr. Brian and I returned to Disney Springs for dinner at Morimoto of Asia.  I love the atmosphere there as well as the food. We had Peking duck.  YUM!

That’s one dead duck!