The Scale Never Lies

This morning was the moment of reckoning.  I’ve avoided my scale since Thanksgiving because it, Christmas, and my post New Year vacation are the time of year that I go off the rails.  If you followed my blog or my Facebook page, you will know how much off the rails I went in terms of my diet.

But, I also did a lot, I mean a LOT, of walking at Disney.

Long story short, in the past couple of months, I put on five pounds.  I know they can come back off quickly; but, I also know that I need to lose more than those five pounds.  That is why, this morning, I went back to the Nutrisystem web site and reactivated my account.

For me, one portion = one buffet.  That is no way to lose weight.  If I eat the portions provided by Nutrisystem and supplement with fresh fruits, vegetables, and cottage cheese/milk as I did before, I should be able to make some serious headway.  I want my next doctors’ appointments to my internist and my cardiologist to be ones that surprise and delight them.

So, any of you who are local and who generally do so, please do not invite me out to meals.  I know myself and I know I’m too weak to say no.

Here’s to a healthier 2020.