M ovitated for the benefit of her loved ones
O ften giving up what she wants for the sake of her family
T eaching by example
H ealing hearts wounded by hurtful words
E asing tension and anxiety by her presence
R esponding with love and concern

The role of a mother is not an easy role to fill.  As a matter of fact, there are many who would say, when looking at it objectively, that it is impossible to fill.  Yet, there are those who make it look easy.  Because of their love, they are exemplar teachers.  They show others the proper way of living by their example rather than their words.

My mother taught me many things.  She was one of the primary teachers of the faith to me.  She taught me what love and responsibility was all about.  She taught me how to trust and hope.  She taught me throughout her entire life.  Even toward the end of her life, I realized that she was still teaching me.  She taught me how to look forward to death with trust in God.

There are those who have problems with their mothers.  I feel for those involved in broken relationships and pray for them regularly, especially on days like today.

I pray for mothers who are not loved or respected by their spouses or children.  I pray for mothers who do a poor job loving others.

I pray for mothers-to-be, that they carry their children to complete and healthy births and that they are rewarded with a life of love.

I pray for those who are often considered honorary mothers (we all have people that we call “mom” even if they are not our mothers).

I pray, finally, that this day brings peace and joy to those who have been called to be mothers.  May God give them the grace and strength that they need to fulfill their role.

To all who have finished their job here on earth and have been called home to the Lord, rest in peace.  We love you.

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  1. What a beautiful “gift” for Mom’s. Your thoughts ring true, and I congratulate you for putting this into “words”. Thank You!

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