First Communion, Part One

This morning, at a special 10:00 a.m. Mass, many of our third grade students from our parish school received their First Communion.    They were scheduled to receive at the beginning of the month; however, the pandemic has changed much of what we are doing.  Since we are required to keep social distance numbers, we could only bring in the students from our parish school, hence the title of “Part One”.  Next Sunday, Part Two, the Religious Education students will receive their First Communion.

Since the Masses are only open to the students and those living in their immediate household, some have opted to wait until our churches can allow wide open Masses again so that they could incorporate more guests, especially grandparents and other family and friends who are over 65 and who should not be at the Masses right now.

This pandemic has changed the way so many things are done and it will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.  I just hope that, within the next several months, the countries around the world get a good handle on their responses and that a vaccine can be developed for people, especially those who are most vulnerable/most at risk.

On your special day, third graders, I say Congratulations and God bless you!

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