Our Final Day

This morning, our administration, faculty, and staff joined us for the 8:30 a.m. Mass on this final day of school.  Shortly after the Mass, at 9:45 a.m., they all went outside and lined up across our property.  Parents brought their students to the property in their cars and had a drive by parade so that all the administration, faculty, and staff could wave goodbye to the students and the students wave goodbye to their teachers.  It was very touching, or so I heard.

I couldn’t be there.  After the Mass, I had to leave for Portage for the funeral of the mother of a good friend, Fr. Brian.  There were six priests with him in the sanctuary.  He did a really great job.  One of the most exquisitely painful things that a priest can do is be the main celebrant for the funeral of a parent.

There have been so many emotional moments this week.  Between them and the weather jerking my arthritis and sinuses, I am a wreck.  I am waiting for better days to come.  I just keep hoping and praying that the pandemic lifts as people do their best to maintain social distance and flatten the curve of the virus.

I am an extrovert and need to be with other people.  This removal from everyone is very hard on me.  Last night at the graduation Mass, I wanted to go up to each pew, lift the graduates to their feet, and give each of them a big hug.  Instead, all I could do was smile with the eyes since masks were on.

Oh, for the good old days when we could touch and remain maskless.  They are coming back some day, aren’t they?

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