What Comes After 4?

In yet another opportunity to learn math, I find that 5 does not come after 4.  Instead, 4.5 comes after 4.

Yes.  That is what the State of Indiana is going to move to this weekend.  Instead of Phase 5, the governor has decided — and rightly so, based upon numbers — that the state needs to slow down its opening in the midst of the pandemic.  So he has created a Phase 4.5.

It’s really nothing new.  However, it’s reflective of the hope and encouragement to keep moving ahead while, at the same time, encouraging people to remain cautious.  That is sage advice for, if we do not remain cautious, we may well find ourselves in the midst of a second wave that will close everything back down and really put a crimp in our country.

I saw this evening that some dioceses out west have even gone back to no public Masses and are only doing live-streamed services.  One of the bishops stated that, at this time, the people shouldn’t come to church but, rather, let the Church come to them via streaming.

For those people out there who keep saying that the pandemic is not real or not as bad as people were saying, it’s still wreaking its fair share of chaos.  Hang in there, all, and keep the faith.

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