The Sahara

All we need is sand instead of grass and I would be convinced that we lived in the Sahara.  It’s been a very hot week here, that’s for sure.  Just walking from the rectory to the office is a real chore.  The bad air quality is making it really hard for me to breathe.  I think I heard that today matched the record for the longest number of days in a row for bad air quality warnings.  Tomorrow might just break that record.  Those are the kinds of records I don’t like to set or break.

With the heat and humidity, they’re now talking the potential for severe storms the remainder of the week.  Lightning, rains, winds, and even damaging hail.  I guess it’s time to batten down the hatches.

Stay safe out there.  For those of you who have respiratory (or cardiac) issues, make sure you take precautions and spend as much time as you can indoors and not outdoors in the middle of the day when the heat/humidity is at its worst.

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