Train Wreck

Today was one of those train wreck kinds of days.

It began with the early morning.  I had to go to the hospital to have blood drawn and it was a fasting blood draw.  As I approached the chapel of our church, I saw parishioners standing outside.  No one opened up shop that morning because of a miscommunication.  So, I went inside to unlock.

It was then that I was told — a full day after the fact — that the visiting priest had not shown up yesterday morning.  I couldn’t wait around to take Mass in case that happened again today because I could not eat or drink due to the blood test.

One of our deacons was there to help with Mass, so, if the priest did not show, he would have a Communion service.  Which is what he had to do because they had not shown.

When I got back from the hospital, I was miffed, confused, concerned:  pick an emotion.  Throughout the morning, I found out that there was a communication issue among our visiting priests and they are now on the same page and will be here next week.  That is good because Fr. Declan will be gone on a week’s time off.  Next week would have been his retreat; but, the retreat center is still closed due to the pandemic.

Couple that with several appointments throughout the day and call me dazed and confused.  I hope a good night’s sleep will help me feel better tomorrow.  Heck, for that matter, I’ll take a bad night’s sleep.  Just, please, let me sleep.

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