A Heel

Now I know what a heel feels like.

My life has been really crazy and chaotic lately.  Between the many changes brought about by this darn pandemic and the weather assaulting my sinuses and arthritis, I have not been myself.  Of course, the pandemic has already destroyed my internal calendar.  I think I mentioned that the past week or two in this blog.  I talked about knowing only two days, weekday and weekend, and I can’t keep them straight.

Well, the proof of this happened this morning.  When I looked at my calendar for the week, I noticed that a very good friend of mine had a birthday yesterday.  I see him every year when he comes down with Fr. Brian and me to Disney.  I totally spaced his birthday out.  I feel like such a heel.

This pandemic has got to end so that we can all get back to some semblance of a normal life.  I’m not really sure what normal will be anymore; but, nonetheless, this darn pandemic has got to end!

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