Really Fed Up

I went to my internist this morning for my regular checkup.  That part of the morning went well.  All my labs look good, I’ve lost ten pounds since I’ve seen him last (four months ago), and everything checked out well.

What torqued me was leaving his office.  I left about 11:15 a.m. and, at that early time in the day, there were already three used masks just laying on the ground from people who walked out of the office and discarded the masks instead of taking them home and disposing of them properly.

I wasn’t going to pick them up to throw them away because I didn’t know who wore them or what they might have been coughing into them.  I was just overwhelmed by the carelessness of the whole thing.  It seems that many people just don’t care how they affect others anymore.  It spills over into many behaviors in our society and it sickens me.

Get a grip, folks, and start acting like caring, decent human beings again.  We’re really going to make God sad that He created us. 🙁

One Reply to “Really Fed Up”

  1. I agree with you completely! I just assumed it was my age that had me feeling the way I do. But you are a year younger than Tim (my oldest child), and I know he would feel as you do, too… if he were alive. Thanks for expressing a feeling that I hope most of us feel!

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