I Joke; But…

I laugh about a lot of the things at the Ark Encounter, especially their trying so hard to incorporate dinosaurs into creation with Adam and Eve and their denunciation of science on so many levels.

However, I came down here for a retreat and to see what things this week could bring up to me.  One of them faced me front and center Monday and today at the Ark: the picture above.  We talk about “those wicked people” who deserved to be destroyed by the flood; but, are we any better than they were back then?  Forget about they and us.  What about me?  Am I any better or do I deserve destruction as well.

None of us deserve salvation.  None of us deserve to get into heaven.  That was won for us by Christ Jesus our Lord with His death and resurrection.  How much do we appreciate that great gift?  Or, do we rather sully that gift by our sinfulness?  Do I sully that gift by my sinfulness?

So much to consider and so few days left in which to do the considering.

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