Can’t We Just Have Normal?

Good Lord . . . it rained so hard and so sideways that I got water in my living room the second time in two months now.  The last time was that wretched storm we had back then.  The water blew underneath shingles and flashing and dripped into the house.  At least it was just drips and at least it was on my desk and not directly over my electronics.

But, really, 2020 can’t even rain properly?!

I’ve just about had enough.

And, to top it off, Calumet Avenue is closed again because of credible reports of mobs advancing?  Lansing closed off their access from the interstate as well.  When are we going to say, “Enough!” and deal with the thugs as thugs should be dealt with.  I’m sorry; but, they are not protesters.  They are thieves and vandals, criminals for short, and should be dealt with thusly.

Protesters do not harm others and destroy property.

That is all.  I’m finished here.

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