We Did It

Yep.  We did it.  We survived week one of school.

To be honest, I think it was a “slam dunk”, all things considered given the pandemic.  The students arrived this week animated and ready to go.  I thought that we were going to have to deal with a lot more fear and anxiety; but, it is apparent that the past months of being at home has made them more than ready to come back to school.

We keep monitoring the students’ and staff’s health and are ready to do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe while educating them as completely as possible.

One thing is certain: within a few more days, everyone is going to understand just how far six feet apart really is.  Our teachers, especially for our younger students, walk around with pool noodles that are six feet to give them an idea of how far to space between each other when outside for walks.

The two basic things being learned are washing hands and measuring distance.  Once these get accomplished, we’ll move on to other matters. 🙂

I’m just thankful that we were blessed with such wonderful weather for our first week.  It gave the teachers an opportunity to take classes outside for some exercise and fresh air.  This is more important since contact events in gym are restricted.

Thank you for week one, Lord.  Now, on to week two…

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