Goodbye, Guys. Best Of Luck!

Today, the two seminarians that have been living at the rectory for the summer went back to the seminary.  Zach Glick and Steven Caraher are settling in to seminary life in Detroit.  They have four years before ordination to the priesthood.  Pray that they have the grace of perseverance, please.

I have to tell you, after having them around for so long, it feels like my own children left the house and I know that I will miss them and will also worry about them in this pandemic.

But, I have so many other of “my children” around with our school in session again.  The students appear really happy to be back and — knock on wood — things are going well.  In this crazy pandemic, who knows how long that will last.  But, I will take every good day that we get.

Mask up, socially distance yourselves, and stay safe, all.

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