I Peaked Later In Life

I have to admit that I must have “peaked” much later in life.  I hit 40 and just kept on going.  Somewhere in the mid-40s, I had a virus hit my heart and I ended up with a lot of heart muscle being killed.  But, I still kept going.

When I hit 50, I was still going strong.  Mid-50s, my heart thing caught up with me and I ended up hospitalized and had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted.  But I still kept ticking.

When I hit 60, I was still going strong.  61, I started to feel the years.  62, I began to get a little slower.  63, yeah, the joints all ache.  I’ll be 64 at the end of the month and I’m beginning to feel like that old Buick.  🙂

But, hey . . . I’m still ticking.  Can’t complain about that!

3 Replies to “I Peaked Later In Life”

  1. Just wait until you’re 88! Then you really fall apart! At least you’re had good medical help along the way. Happy Birthday a little early anyway.

  2. This is about gardian angel I have been a great believer in them
    Since I left hight school in canada with nuns.i pray every day to him or her a prayer I remember since then
    Last Thursday I went to McDonald drive tru when I turned on ridge road going north I felt something i hit a curb but kept going but now I was passed out the car made it to beggars pizza in Lansing I woke up to police and paramedic my blood sugar was 34
    The car went to 2big intersection with lights…not a scartch on my car hit no one.so who was driving?

    the car hit no one

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