October is many things.  One of the things it is in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are still way too many people who succumb to breast cancer.  Pray that all people might take precautions and take their symptoms seriously.  Pray, as well, that a cure be found.

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  1. I was fortunate! More than 30 years ago (before Frank died) I had a breast cancer removed (a mastectomy). It was just when the less invasive era came out and all I could find about it was in the Readers Digest! Since I was in my 50’s, I said, “Take it all.” I wasn’t subjected to chemo or radiation… and I’m fine! It still was a scare! The word “cancer” is a scary word. But 6 weeks later I was in Europe! I guess it was to prepare me for the 3 deaths that were coming! Thank God!

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