A Little Civics Lesson

I would just like to say something here. I don’t want to start a fight, I just want to clarify something. Many of you are stating that we have a new president chosen. We do not. Have you not learned in the past few years that they media often gets things wrong and/or reports on things prematurely?
The media is not the one that declares a presidential victory. All it can do is project a winner. A victory cannot be claimed until each state certifies its election. Unless that has happened and I did not hear about it — and I know that’s not true because of the legal battles ongoing regarding this election — there is no “official” winner yet. True, it looks as if our next president will be Biden; but, I just remind you that Al Gore said the same thing about himself a while back and it was found otherwise.
Just don’t celebrate prematurely. Wait until elections are officially certified and then we will be able to state who the president will be. Don’t take your cues from media declarations. They can only project a winner. They cannot and do not certify a winner.
For those of you in the Northwest Indiana area and environs, I hope you are enjoying our unseasonably wonderful weather this weekend!

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