Still Holding Their Own

I went to the eye doctor this morning to have my quarterly pressure check.  Since the addition of another eye drop six months ago, my eyes are holding their own and doing well, hovering right around a “normal” pressure.  That’s always a relief to hear since the damage to my optic nerve is already enough to cause a little anxiety.  I certainly don’t wan to go blind.

So, with the check complete, the next time I go is in February 2021 unless, of course, my eyes start to act up and do something weird.

I’m really grateful that my doctor has early hours.  She deals with many professionals who want to get their appointments in before going to work and her office opens at 6:30 a.m.  I always ask for that first appointment time and it works perfect for me.  Thanks, Dr. Briggs!

On a totally separate note, hang on to your hats — and anything else that can fly away — as the winds ushering in a huge cold front blow through the afternoon and evening.  Possibly damaging winds accompanied by storms?  Oh, joy…

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