Just Very, Very Weird

Today’s weather was weird.  Just very, very weird.  It began this morning being rather cool and then it began to warm up.  And as it got warmer, the sun shone so brightly and all seemed well with the world.  And then.

Yes, and then.  And then the temperature began dropping ever so slightly but, with it, a new front came through and the winds began to build.  Now, when I say “build”, that’s an understatement.  Me, being a size a might too large, was almost knocked over by the wind as I was crossing our parking lot.

Yeah.  It got that windy.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler and the weekend will be even more cool.  And rainy.

And we wonder why everybody’s getting bad colds and trying to hide the coughs and sniffles so that people don’t think they have COVID.  Yep.  Weird days.  Very, very weird.

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