Thank You, Schererville Verizon Store

This afternoon, I was outside and my phone rang.  When I finished my conversation, I turned the phone off and slid it back into my jacket pocket.  The only problem was that I didn’t slide it into my pocket.  I slid it over my pocket and it went straight to the ground, hit the sidewalk on its corner (right at the front camera), and cracked.

When I looked at the hairline cracks as well as the big chips in the corner, I was happy because it looked like it was all the protective cover.  It didn’t look like the phone’s screen was affected at all.

After a couple of appointments, I went to the Verizon Store in Schererville right off of Main Street on Indianapolis Blvd.  That is the store from which I purchased my phone and protective cover a little over a year ago.

The manager looked at the phone and agreed that it didn’t look like the phone was damaged, just the protective cover.  He peeled it off and concluded, indeed, that all was well.  He replaced the cover, registered it, and sent me on my way at no cost as the cover is guaranteed.  He informed me that I have two additional covers coming to me before September.

I told him that I have never had to secure a replacement before and that today was a fluke accident, falling and hitting just right.  He stated that they would be there to back me if that did happen again.

Fast, easy, courteous and efficient.  I’d recommend this particular store any time!

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