I Feel Like A Fool

This could be entitle Verizon Store, Part Deux.  Yep.  That’s right.  I had to go back today.

Yesterday, when I got my new screen protector, there was a piece of dust or dirt trapped under the cover.  I tried pressing it in and it did not good.  Then, in utter stupidity, I thought I might pry the cover up to pull out the offending speck.  Of course, I totally forgot about the adhesive on the covers.  When I pulled up the screen cover, I introduced more lint and dust.

So, I pulled the cover off to wipe it down, again not thinking about adhesive.  Boy, did I make a mess of it.  So, I used soap to thoroughly clean the inside of the cover and then put it back on my phone.  Of course, it did not adhere well and there were many bubbles showing.

With my tail between my legs, I took the phone back to the store and apologized, telling them that I needed another cover and that I would be willing to pay for it since it was all my fault.  Instead, the person who put the cover on yesterday apologized for not noticing the piece that was trapped under the cover.  He took off the cover and put on a new one, making sure that there was nothing showing underneath, and then handed it back to me with the words, “No charge.”

I was very embarrassed and very grateful.  Thank you, once again, Verizon Store!

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