A Different Kind Of Anniversary

Today was the five year anniversary of my hernia surgery.  Yep.  Five years ago was when my “innie” decided to turn into an “outie” and needed surgery to turn back into an “innie” again.  🙂

The umbilical hernia surgery was relatively uncomplicated (except for getting sick on the way back to the room from the anesthesia).  Other than that, a couple of days in the hospital and back to the rectory for a couple weeks rest and rehab.

That was my least favorite surgery.  That is to say, it was the time I felt most like a patient.  With my pacemaker implant and replacement and with both of my hips, it was in one day, out the next, and relatively quick return to normal activities.

A hernia surgery, on the other hand, took a lot of time to heal and recover.  I’m glad that’s behind me and hope I don’t have anything like that again.