Closing Up Catholic Schools Week

This year, Catholic Schools Week was radically different because of the pandemic.  There were so many things that we were unable to do because of the need for social distancing.  Yet, we had a good week.  Many things were done virtually but the students got to celebrate the heritage of their Catholic school and their parents got to see their amazing talent and creativity nonetheless.

That’s what this school year has been all about: creative substitution.  Just because we can’t do one thing doesn’t mean we can’t compensate by doing something else just as meaningful.

I am grateful for the energy and determination of our student body as well as that of our administration, faculty, and staff.  I stumbled on the graphic below yesterday on Facebook and shared it to my page.  I wanted to share it here as well because it really reflects my thought and feeling.

There are many naysayers “out there” during this pandemic year who are criticizing teachers and students all throughout the nation instead of giving them credit for what they have attempted to do and what they are doing.

Again, thank you students, faculty, administration, and staff.  You are really special!