Shot + 1 Day

My reaction to the second vaccine shot was markedly different from my first.  On the day of my first shot, my arm was a bit sore and I had a bit of a headache.  That night, my arm and head both throbbed and did so for much of the next morning.

Yesterday, after my shot, my arm was sensitive.  By the evening, it began throbbing again and did so all night.  The accompanying headache was not there, though.  I did develop a headache later this morning; but, I think that was caused more by the weather front coming in.  It was a classic sinus headache from pressure front changes.

My arm throbbed all day today (it’s still very tender now) but the second thing I experienced was just an overwhelming sense of fatigue.  I felt totally wiped out all day.  I had a virtual meeting today and all through it I felt like I was in a fog.  I’m going to bed early tonight and hope I snap out of it by tomorrow morning.

I should note that some of my joints are really sore today as well though, again, I cannot be certain if they’re from the vaccine or from the weather affecting my arthritis.  I still stand by my observation last night though:  I’d rather suffer these effects than have full-blown COVID-19.

Thank you to all who worked so hard to develop the different vaccines so quickly.

And now, speaking about COVID-19 and vaccines, here’s a little bit about them from Johns Hopkins.