A Typical Sunday

Today was a “typical Sunday”.  For me, that means relatively low-key.  I went to the office early in the day (6:45 a.m.) and worked on the Pastor’s Page and bulletin cover for next weekend’s bulletin.  I finished my work before celebrating the 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon Masses.

After Mass, I picked up lunch and brought it back home to eat.  Before eating, I went to the basement and threw my clothes in the laundry.  While they were washing, I ate lunch and watched a show on YouTube.

When I finished lunch and the show, I went to the basement and transferred my laundry to the dryer.  Then I came back upstairs and watched another show while I also watched the clock to make sure that I got back downstairs in time so as to keep my clothes from wrinkling from a stopped dryer.

After I came back upstairs with dried and folded clothes, I put everything away and hit the computer for a while and then went back to the recliner and fired up a movie.  When the movie was finished, I made a bowl of soup for dinner and then went to the computer to check for emails and to lurk on Facebook for a while.

Finishing all of that, I fired up my blog to make today’s entry.  After I click “Publish”, I’m hitting the sack because tomorrow is one of my early (4:15 a.m. rise) mornings.

g’night, all