The Land Of The Living!

Wow.  The past two days were really, really, really hard on me.  The radical shift in the weather and the cold/damp weather did a real number on me.  My arthritic knees were absolutely screaming and my head hurt so bad I couldn’t do a whole lot.

Then, yesterday evening, something broke in my sinuses.  All of a sudden, everything began to drain and I went through almost a quarter box of Kleenex because every time I blew my nose it just generated more as I finished.  But that relieved the pressure in my head and today all I had was a bad sinus headache but I’m used to those.

It felt great to be among the land of the living today!  I hope one of those episodes doesn’t happen again any time in the near future.

Kindly pray for the third graders in our parish who will receive their First Communion tomorrow.

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