A Magical Vacation

Today was a magical day and the past two weeks have been magical weeks.  Tonight ended splendidly with our own version of a “last supper”: dinner at Jaleo at Disney Springs.  We got the Chef’s Tasting menu.  It began with a half pitcher of house sangria and consisted of many courses:
Liquid olive
Tomato bread topped with manchego cheese
Tomato bread topped with cured 36 month imberco pork
Cones with cheese topped with jam
Cones with salmon topped with caviar
Beet juice gazpacho
Fennel, apple, manchego cheese, walnuts, sherry dressing
Grilled onion with cheese and pine nuts
Endive with cheese, sliced orange, and almonds
Fried potatoes with aioli
Red pepper stuffed with goat cheese
Chicken croquettes
Sautéed spinach with apple and pine nuts
Head-on shrimp sautéed in brandy
Spanish bread
Carne Asada with pepper
Chocolate cake with ice cream
Flan with whipped cream and orange slices

All I can say is Holy Moses!

I’m checked in for my flight tomorrow and hoping that we leave on time and that the weather is not too bad back at home.

g’night, all