Vacation – Day Three

Sunday was my first “official” day of vacation; however, traveling through the day and not checking into the resort until evening doesn’t feel like a first day so I would say that yesterday (Monday) was my first day, even though it was my second day.

Yesterday wasn’t a “real” first day of vacation since my park ticket wasn’t set to activate until today.  So, yesterday doesn’t count either.

Today, Day Three, was my first “official” day of vacation.  Confused enough?  🙂

I spent the day in EPCOT.  My first ride was Soarin’.  I asked the cast member if I could sit in row one (so I don’t see anyone’s feet dangling, and he got me in the first row.  Yay!

Then, I went to The Land and road the boat through the attraction.  It’s a slow, education ride and I really love it.

From there, I spent the day walking around EPCOT and enjoying the sights.  One of my favorite sights is the monorail!

I came back to my room mid-afternoon to rest up (it was hot and humid here).  I was sitting on my balcony when I saw the Friendship Boats coming in.  They often come from two different locations at the same time, offload their passengers, load new passengers, and take off at the same time.  It’s all a very neat choreographed movement that I enjoy watching.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

g’night, all

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