A Great Day

This morning, I met a buddy at Olivia’s at Old Key West for breakfast.  I had their bread pudding breakfast.  It is kind of like French toast made as banana bread pudding and warmed in the skillet.  It comes with choice of breakfast meat.  It was good.  Really good.

Today was a much cooler day than what we had earlier this week.  The rain yesterday came with a cold front.  Our weather will cool down to the low 70’s for the remainder of our vacation.  Still a very good temp.  Nights will be much cooler.  Right now, it’s 55 degrees.

I was in EPCOT again today.  It was there that I met one of my buddies:

This evening, I met two really good friends at one of my favorite restaurants:

I had lobster bisque and scallops.  Yum!

Tomorrow, another friend is picking me up and we’re going to Animal Kingdom.

Gotta get some rest for that.  g’night

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