Celebrations Take On Many Forms

This morning at the 8:30 a.m. Mass, there were many people from our Jesus and the Eucharist small group sessions who attended Mass and then went to the Weis Center for a celebratory breakfast now that the sessions have ended.  Several people came up to me and told me how touched they were during the series and they were so grateful for the opportunity to attend.

From there, I went to the neighboring funeral home to visit a family who was preparing for the 12:00 Noon funeral of their mother.  That was a celebration as well.  No, not a celebration that she had died.  Rather, a celebration that she had lived, really lived, through all her years.  Death does not have to be morbid.  We who have faith look at death longingly because we know it holds a victory won for us.  Celebrating a life well lived gives family and friends peace.