A Little Medical Victory

It seems like the past couple of months have been bad news, bad news, bad news when it came to my health.  I had such a horrendous and prolonged case of bronchitis that I very nearly gave up hope.  Other issues, such as a prolonged cough and new lung condition, haven’t made me feel much better, either.

So, this morning, I went to the hospital lab for a blood draw for an appointment with my doctor this coming Monday.  It was for an a1c.  My blood sugars has been higher after one of the medications I had taken for a long time was no longer working.  I was told that many patients build up an immunity of sorts against it and meds need to be switched.

Even though my a1c levels have not been abysmally high, they were still high enough to cause concern for me and for the doctor.  The blood draw reflected a nice drop in my blood sugar.  Phew.  🙂

Thank you, Jesus!