Why Are So Many People So Cruel?

I get so downhearted when I go on line anymore.  It seems like the only thing people do is rip one another apart.  Everyone is being judged, everyone is being condemned, everyone is being trashed.

I think one of the reasons so is because the internet is way too anonymous.  For example, how many “friends” on Facebook are really friends?  For that matter, how many are even acquaintances?  And yet, all these people get in and tear each other apart for their religious beliefs/practices, for their political views, for their orientation, for anything.

What ever happened to love and care and respect?  Whatever happened to looking out for others?  What ever happened to true caring?

If I had my wish, it would be that all people would set aside their hatred, their hostilities, their pettiness, and their bickering and just try to get along.

It really does take less energy to get along than to hate.  Why waste so much energy on something so hurtful?  On top of it, that energy being wasted on hatred almost always turns itself inward and begins to destroy the hater.

Yep.  They hate others and, in turn, their system turns on them and produces high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and ulcers, for starters.

You want to be well?  You want to feel good about yourself?  Start caring for others.  Everything else will fall in line if we do.

I know that some people will say that I am being incredibly naive.  Well, so be it.  But, I would much rather be remembered as someone who cared about others than someone who hated, who judged, who hurt, or who destroyed others.

I’m pretty much done with all of this.  I’m this –> <– close to giving up Facebook.  I can’t stand all the hating anymore.


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