Am I All Right? No. I’m Not All Right. But, That’s All Right…

Someone asked me the other day, “Father, are you all right?  I’ve been watching your posts on your blog and Facebook and I’m worried about you.”

Well, folks, I guess I would have to say that I’m just under a wee bit of stress.  We are well in the process of our multi-million dollar renovation of our parish school and church buildings.  On top of that, our annual festival is next week and we have all sorts of security issues and weather issues to worry about.  And me?  I’m the professional worrier.

However, I have been more bummed than usual lately over all the hatred and ugliness in the world.  It’s really wearing at me.  When I was younger, I could just simply say to myself, “That person’s a jerk”, and all would be better.  Now, it is harder to adjust.  I feel so bad for people and the situations they are in or that they cause.  I worry about people and what their choices are going to do to them.

They say that Pope Pius X died of a broken heart.  He was so involved in trying to preserve peace in the world and when World War I broke out, he just lost it.  He became ill and, five days later, passed away, a broken and sad man.

When I heard that story as a young boy, I thought to myself, “Oh, come on.  No one dies of a broken heart.”  Now?  Well, let’s just say I understand.  Pius X was weighed down by the troubles of his day.  I can identify with what he went through.  When I hear the problems of some of my people, my heart breaks for them.  When I see the problems of this world, my heart gives out a little bit more.

It used to be anger that filled me at these stupid things happening in our world.  Now, it is a pervasive sadness for all those who are afflicted, harmed, or wounded by the callousness of others.

Don’t go worrying about me, though.  I’m not going to die of a broken heart.  At least, not yet.  But, you’re sure going to hear me grumble and groan about the conditions of this world and “man’s inhumanity to man”.  I think something has to be done.  And, as they say, that something always “begins with me”.

If each of us did a kind deed for another just once a day, we could change this world in short order.  Are you up to it?  You willing to perform one kind deed today?

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