Goodbye To Disney

At least to Disney Cruises.

Today, they opened up their booking for a DVC Member’s Cruise for July, 2018.  It is a four day cruise with two stops to Disney’s Castaway Cay.  Now, Castaway Cay is a beautiful destination, don’t get me wrong, and Disney cruises are really wonderful ways to go.

However, the wallet drain really makes me cringe.

For a balcony room, it would cost me approximately $4,500 for the four days.  That’s just a little under $1,100/day.  When I could get a four day Bahamian cruise for half that price, it just doesn’t make sense to go on Disney’s ships.

They have commissioned the building of an additional three ships in the near future.  Maybe when they have more ships, they will bring their prices down to fill all the rooms.  Until then, I think that I am going to have to remain “loyal to Royal”.

I really enjoy the shows on Disney cruises as well as rotational dining.  However, all that they have to offer is just not worth the price in my opinion.  So, until you bring your prices in line with the other cruise lines, Disney, I guess this is goodbye.  🙁